You Are What You Eat

Updated: Jul 18

Such a silly statement but the truth is everything we eat either has a positive or negative affect our our gut health. A imbalance in foods that cause good and bad bacteria can lead to having "leaky gut". This will leave you bloated, gaining weight and all around fatigued.

Rest assured I have recently set sail on the journey of healing my gut. I've compiled everything you need to join me on this journey into healing on guts together.

What is a “Leaky Gut”?

“Leaky gut” occurs when your gut lining is damaged preventing it from function as an effective barrier. When this happens, it allows substances like bad bacteria, undigested food, and toxins to enter your system. The intestine lining becomes inflaming or irritated allowing microbial toxins into system.

What are some symptoms of a “Leaky gut”?

· Excessive bloating

· Cramps

· Body aches

· Food sensitivities

· Fatigue

· Headaches

· Foggy concentration

· Skin issues

· Nutritional deficiencies

What causes a “leaky gut”?

Bacterial imbalance is the most common cause of a “leaky gut” the imbalance between good and bad bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract can be contributed to a variety of different things. Poor diet can impact gut health heavily.

What foods promote good bacteria?

Foods high in fiber

Healthy bacteria have the ability to digest fiber which promotes growth of healthy bacteria


These foods act as cleansers to remove bad bacteria and stutter the growth of it

· Garlic

· Onion

· Fermented foods

· Chick peas,

· Beans

· Asparagus

· Artichokes

· Leeks

What foods promote bad bacteria?

· Artificial sweeteners

· Processed foods

· Fried foods

· Alcohol

· Caffeine

· GMO’s

· Refined Crabs


Your body's health correlates directly to what you eat from the moment you wake up to the moment to go to sleep. It's important to make sure your gut is health and a strong line of defense for your everyday life. That doesn't mean no "bad" food it just means finding the balance of what works for you.

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